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Battlefield 3 Review

Posted: 02/11/2011 in Reviews

On Oct.25, 2011 the long anticipated first person shooter arrives on the market. After winning two awards at e3, the newly enhanced Battlefield 3, run by a new engine called Frostbite 2, comes out of the gate swinging. The new enhanced graphics textures and detailed warzones make it look and feel like you’re an actual soldier.

You play as Sergeant Blackburn, a marine in detention who has information on a terrorist attack. You are interrogated, and are forced to recall all the missions you faught in. Fighting an enemy know as the PLR, you go on various mission trying to locate terrorists and stop a plot. When you and your team discover a new threat, it’s a race against the clock to stop the destruction of New York. Throughout the campaign, you will play as other soldiers. One of these soldiers is Dima, a Russian operative trying to stop a bomb in France. The AI has a few problems. During some of the firefights, they will rush past you like they saw a French model covered in bacon. Hard difficulty is for the elite. If you’re exposed for more than a second or two, you’ll be tasting dirt. All in all, this campaign was exciting, yet dull. The ending left you hanging with no idea as to what happened. If you’re looking for a good campaign, take your money elsewhere.

When it comes to virtual battlefields, nobody does it quite like Dice. This studio has a long history of creating sprawling conflict zones where players have an exhilarating range of ways to make powerful contributions to the war effort. Nine great maps set the stage for 24 players to fight it out in a variety of locations, ranging from urban, industrial, and military battle zones. These places all look great, though the grassy hills and blue skies of the Caspian Border are naturally more appealing than the drab urban corridors of the Grand Bazaar. The maps vary widely in size and offer diverse environmental elements, including claustrophobic tunnels, coastal roads, desert plains, and a variety of multistory buildings. Many man-made structures can be damaged or destroyed by the explosive tools at your disposal, creating new infiltration routes or removing cover positions. The maps are designed to create opportunities for combat at all ranges, and the element of destruction lets you manipulate the environment to create even more. The maps and vehicles allow for a great degree of strategic freedom, but choosing your class and load-out is the first and most important decision you make before spawning into combat.

• Fulfilling multiplayer with almost complete destruction
• Amazing array of vehicles & weapons, teamwork rewards
• Many attractive environments.

• Disappointing Campaign
• Only six co-op missions
• Must download a texture pact to enjoy the game
• Game comes on two discs
• Multiplayer has a few design flaws

Rated: 8.0

Written by Ryan McCallum

Reviewed on XBox 360

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Battlefield 3