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The Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s best console due to its phenomenal 3rd party support, genre-defining 1st party exclusives, and the hardware in general. It does almost everything better than every other console of the time, and in Nintendo’s history and future of consoles. It has always gotten huge praise by critics, but has been overshadowed by the majority of the population due to their biased opinions of the Nintendo 64. However, I will attempt to explain why I think that the SNES is, in fact, the best.
The Super Nintendo had amazing 3rd party games that shaped and defined the console. The Super Nintendo always got a lot of praise when it came to one type of game genre: JRPG’s. It was the console that brought them to the western audience. The wave started with Final Fantasy III (originally called Final Fantasy VI in Japan), which was shortly followed by Chrono Trigger, a game which is often called the best video game of all time. Along with these came Earthbound, a game that changed all RPG’s as it proved that games didn’t need aliens to be classics, and Dragon Quest V, a charming fantasy RPG that created a huge cult following of all things dragon. However, RPG’s weren’t the only thing that 3rd party developers were supplying. Games like Contra 3, Super Castlevania 4, Megaman 2 and Megaman X were busy revolutionizing the side-scrolling genre. All of these games are now populating top 100 lists everywhere, and are truly amazing games.
The Super Nintendo had some of the best 1st party games ever put out on a console. Many people may disagree with me on this, but I think this is when Nintendo made their best games. Right out of the gate, they put out Super Mario World, one of the best side-scrollers of all time. Next you have Super Metroid, another one of the best games of all time. Then you have a wave of new IP’s, from Pilot Wings to F-Zero to Star Fox. Lastly, you have a Link to the Past, widely regarded (by critics) to be the best Zelda of all time. This is the basis for my small theory that this was the best console for Nintendo as far as their games are concerned.
The Super Nintendo had some of the best features, from its sound chip to the controller to the design of its game cartridges. First, it’s soundchip. What an amazing piece of tech. This little beauty not only made some of the best video game music of all time, it revolutionized the “chiptunes” genre. Another amazing thing about the system was it’s controller. It really is the perfect controller. It was perfect for every single person’s hands and, once given the controller, they could emediantly use it with very little learning curve. The last thing that was so great about the SNES was that it had great game cartridges. Like all of Nintendo’s cartridges, these were sleek, very classy, but, most of all, they were durable. No matter how many times you stepped on them, no matter how many times you threw them at your wall, they would never give, a certain magic that seems to have been lost in modern consoles.
If you take out nostalgia and look at what all the Nintendo consoles have achieved, it is easy to see that the Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s best work due to the games on the system and the system itself. I say “take out the nostalgia” because many people continue to say the Nintendo 64 is the best console. However, it falls flat. It lacks the 3rd party support the SNES had. It has one of the worst controllers ever. Lastly, it only had a few amazing 1st party exclusives. The SNES thrives in all of these areas, which is why I, along with most critics, consider it to be the best Nintendo console.
-Darcy Hebert


2011 VGA Coverage

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You might be asking “Why are we covering another video game list?” The reason for this is the amount of premieres this show brings. Some of the previous announcements have been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which ended up getting the GOTY award. This is an example of the games revealed on this show are sometimes big, mainstream hits. The following are the roundups of the reveal trailers released

The Last of Us
The first premiere of the show was a game called The Last of Us. This is a Sony published game that appears to be a mix between a standard zombie horror and I Am Legend. One big thing the teaser showed was the main female character. It seemed to be modeled after Ellen Page, who voices the character. Other than this, the teaser didn’t reveal anything overly mind-blowing. Something to keep an eye on for sure.

Mass Effect 3
The trailer for this RPG was nothing short of awe-inspiring. What we saw in this in-game trailer Shepard, Gaurus and Rex going up against a Reaper. The trailer then shows Shepard run towards the giant beast, dodging the legs of the Reaper all the way. Eventually, Shepard reaches a stand with some sort of button on it, and then starts running back to the “truck”. At this point, a Thresher Maw, a creature anybody who has played the other ME will instantly recognize, comes out of the sand and takes down the Reaper in one swift lunge. The trailer gives off nothing we haven’t already seen, except for the two enemies we saw in the sequence. I think we can all say, however, that we are itching to get more Mass Effect.

Command & Conquer Generals 2
This small trailer was nothing special. The Frostbite 2 engine seems like a good fit for the new Command & Conquer game. Other than the new engine, the trailer showed nothing overly special. It showed us that there is a new C&C, which is coming out in 2013. Besides this, there’s nothing to say about the 10 second reveal.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots
The small peak we had at the new Tom Clancy game was explosive. We took in a small monologue from some sort of super-power agency, and then saw a man thrown into a street from a skyscraper with a pack of C4 attached to his torso. The man fell around 20 stories into the streets of what appears to be New York, and explodes in a puff of fire and smoke. It looks like a fresh new start for the Rainbow 6 franchise.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
The trailer that we saw put many puzzled faces on our skulls. It is a teaser, and it may want to leave us puzzled, but it seems there might be a little bit of unfairness. It reminded us of Halo 1 and 2. In Halo, we were left with what seems an impossible scenario, getting home. We then got no information in the teaser, and in Halo 2 itself. It was only with the novels were we able to understand. I fear that this might turn out the same way, which would be a big disappointment for a series. However, the trailer was exciting. We saw a montage of clips of Alan doing who-knows-what. These clips showed up a bunch of new weapons, some of which included a machinegun pistol. We loved the trailer, and hope this game doesn’t go the way of Halo.

The Amazing Spider Man
The latest Spider Man trailer feels disappointed. It felt desperate and far-fetched, even for a super hero game. The only thing you need to know about this trailer is that it has giant robots. This is something that seems desperate, as a franchise like Spiderman could bring in any number of villains. However, they had to take the robot route. The trailer itself didn’t show much, other than the predictable giant robots. As far as a game, it looks fine, but our expectations are already low. We hope we’re wrong, of course.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
The trailer starts out with a small fight sequence on a metal platform. We see a few battles, a few giant robots, and a lot of fire. The thing we’re happy about is the lack of a movie tie-in. The best transformers game was the War for Cybertron. When the Transformers games can have their own stories, the games are quite good. We hope the Fall of Cybertron goes the same way.

This new IP gave off the vibe of the offspring of a Disney movie and COD zombies. It shows a very cartoony group of adventurers gathering parts for a fort. They then go back and build a fort in an afternoon. The night comes around, and the fort is bombarded by zombie-looking creatures. The art style seems a bit odd for some sort of horror game, but holds the promise of really standing out. If there was an underdog award for these trailers, this game would win.

Diablo III
If there was a weirder way to show off Diablo III, we don’t know of it. The way they showed Diablo was with a small story of a girl and her uncle who predicted the coming of the demons. The story wasn’t bad, but it was weird that Diablo would try to have a story. It may be something they’re going to develop off of, but we doubt it. If they scrap it, however, the trailer will seem oddly out-of-place. They’ve put themselves in a rough catch-22. If they stick with it, it will force a story that might not be well-received in a game like Diablo. It they scrap it, they will have wasted a trailer. What they’ll do with it, we don’t know. We just hope Blizzard doesn’t screw it up.

Bioshock Infinite
One of the most anticipated games for 2012, Bioshock showed its face in the award show. The trailer went over most of the city that we’ve seen, from the iconic statue to the clock tower. What we got a nice view of was the weapon system and more of the pretty graphics. The visuals are simply stunning. It easily is the most jaw-dropping setting any of us has seen in a game. We are all pumped for its release in the New Year. However, we just need to keep on waiting for it, as the trailer doesn’t give much away.

Metal Gear Solid Rising
Possibly the craziest reveal of the night, Metal Gear Solid Rising shows us that blades are still in. The trailer showed us what seems to be a cyborg protagonist tearing up humans and mechs alike. We also saw a small amount of gameplay, which showed the sword cutting up humans in a slow-mo sequence in which it swiped through the body of an unfortunate soldier. This trailer put the Metal Gear Solid series on our radar. This is our favorite trailer out of the bunch. We think it holds a bunch of promise for the future of the franchise. We can’t wait to slice up baddies in a new beautiful metropolis world.

This is our summary of the 2011 VGA’s. If you like what you see, we encourage you to look at the rest of the articles, comment, give us suggestions, subscribe, and like us on Facebook. Look out for the next post from Islandgamer!
-Darcy Hebert & Ryan McCallum

Old Time Gaming #2

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Tally ho, readers, Legionaire the Gentleman Gamer here.
Welcome back to our weekly post, where I review and discuss an older game.
Today, I bring you: Unreal Tournament.

Released in 1999, it uses the Unreal Engine, which is now known as the engine that runs games from Gears of War to Mass Effect, to create a gory, fast action FPS experience. It mostly concentrates on multiplayer-only(which was popular at the time), with a small, arena-based campaign. It strongly affected the later FPS, drawing from its ideas and gameplay.

Unreal Tournament is based on quick action and lightning reflexes. With most maps being enclosed in small areas, the choice of weapons are perfect. It has only 11 weapons, but it only needs 11, as the weapons span almost every kind of weapon imaginable. Online is quick to set up, fun, and easy to get into. Despite being an older game, it can take an amazing amount of bots(which are also some of the best I’ve ever seen, with adjustable difficulties that make sense), depending on the hosting computer. I’ve managed to play with up to 300 bots on my rig, which can really make up for its languishing online community.

For its time, Unreal Tournament had great graphics. It has (especially for back then) gory deaths, with explosions leaving blood stains and gibs flying. Despite all this, the game really shows it’s age when put beside a modern game.

As the campaign was just created as an extended tutorial, it really has no story, which in this sort of game, doesn’t really matter.

Unreal Tournament has the most satisfying killing spree sounds in gaming. The infamous “M-M-M-MONSTER KILL” first appears in this game, along with perfect weapon sounds. Unreal Tournament also comes with “Unreal-Ed”, which allows users to create their own maps and mods, allowing for many varieties in gameplay.

This game, despite showing it’s age, shines through as a classical piece of FPS history. It deserves a nice, jolly, 8.5/10. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone looking for an easy, simple yet glorious fps experience, especially for lan parties.

This time, I am suggesting The Elder Scrolls: Oblivon: Game Of The Year Edition. This game is an RPG set in an alternate world where an amulet is a thing of power, getting stabbed is as common as getting mugged, and trolls are as common as nowadays. Now, the only fair way to describe Oblivion is to say it’s big. Really big. To say the least, to walk from one side of the map to the other, you will spend around 2 hours of your time. Now as it is big, it is safe to say it’ll have a lot of content. This is an understandment. There are 6 main questlines. 6. The shortest will take 4 hours, the longest will take 30. Add in side quests, spelunking, and DLC (which has 2 main pieces of content, one taking 10 hours, the other taking around 40), it’s safe to say this game will keep you occupied for a while. If you were to buy this new, it’s $25. However, if you were to buy used, you can get it for $15. I fully recomend this game. This is one of my favorite games, and might just be #1. If you want to buy it, which I highly recomend, click on the link I will provide below.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition


Deal of the Week #1

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A feature I will be doing is the deal of the week. These games will usually be under $20, and will most likely have been released a few years ago. In each game deal, I will give a few reasons why it’s a deal, who would enjoy it, and I will include a link to Amazon, where you can pick up the game. For my first game deal, I will suggest the Orange Box. The Orange Box, released in October of 2007, is a collection of three games; Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. Now, if you’ve never heard of this, you may be thinking that three games in one package is odd, that they might be plainly bad, blank games. You’d be wrong. Starting with Half Life, anybody who likes the idea of grav guns, this is a game for you. Its gameplay is very unique, and its combat system is one that is still marveled at. Secondly, Team Fortress 2. This game is somewhat simmilar to Quake. It has class-based combat, which most people are farmiliar. However, the thing that is the most unique about this game is… the HATS!! I’m being completely serious. This game has more hats than a six-year-old’s Polly Pocket collection. If there’s a hat, it’s in this game. Of course, there is other things that stand out about this game, but the crown jewel is the hats. Finally, Portal. If you haven’t played this game, do. This is one of the most unique games of all time, and is on my top 5 games. It’s gameplay is unlike any other game. Ever. The game is gripping, quite humorous, and makes you feel like you’re in the year 2096 (not the actual year). The price of the game new is $19.99 on Amazon, and about half that if you buy used.

The Orange Box on Amazon



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Hello. This is an information blog on video game news. If you don’t know this, this is a one-man show, if only temporarily. I am also currently unable to do any reviews, as I am unable to rent or buy games close to release date. However, I will be posting news and, if I am able, the occasional feature. If anyone wants something in particular, please, email me at
Darcy Hebert