Why the Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s Best Console

Posted: 21/03/2012 in Uncategorized

The Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s best console due to its phenomenal 3rd party support, genre-defining 1st party exclusives, and the hardware in general. It does almost everything better than every other console of the time, and in Nintendo’s history and future of consoles. It has always gotten huge praise by critics, but has been overshadowed by the majority of the population due to their biased opinions of the Nintendo 64. However, I will attempt to explain why I think that the SNES is, in fact, the best.
The Super Nintendo had amazing 3rd party games that shaped and defined the console. The Super Nintendo always got a lot of praise when it came to one type of game genre: JRPG’s. It was the console that brought them to the western audience. The wave started with Final Fantasy III (originally called Final Fantasy VI in Japan), which was shortly followed by Chrono Trigger, a game which is often called the best video game of all time. Along with these came Earthbound, a game that changed all RPG’s as it proved that games didn’t need aliens to be classics, and Dragon Quest V, a charming fantasy RPG that created a huge cult following of all things dragon. However, RPG’s weren’t the only thing that 3rd party developers were supplying. Games like Contra 3, Super Castlevania 4, Megaman 2 and Megaman X were busy revolutionizing the side-scrolling genre. All of these games are now populating top 100 lists everywhere, and are truly amazing games.
The Super Nintendo had some of the best 1st party games ever put out on a console. Many people may disagree with me on this, but I think this is when Nintendo made their best games. Right out of the gate, they put out Super Mario World, one of the best side-scrollers of all time. Next you have Super Metroid, another one of the best games of all time. Then you have a wave of new IP’s, from Pilot Wings to F-Zero to Star Fox. Lastly, you have a Link to the Past, widely regarded (by critics) to be the best Zelda of all time. This is the basis for my small theory that this was the best console for Nintendo as far as their games are concerned.
The Super Nintendo had some of the best features, from its sound chip to the controller to the design of its game cartridges. First, it’s soundchip. What an amazing piece of tech. This little beauty not only made some of the best video game music of all time, it revolutionized the “chiptunes” genre. Another amazing thing about the system was it’s controller. It really is the perfect controller. It was perfect for every single person’s hands and, once given the controller, they could emediantly use it with very little learning curve. The last thing that was so great about the SNES was that it had great game cartridges. Like all of Nintendo’s cartridges, these were sleek, very classy, but, most of all, they were durable. No matter how many times you stepped on them, no matter how many times you threw them at your wall, they would never give, a certain magic that seems to have been lost in modern consoles.
If you take out nostalgia and look at what all the Nintendo consoles have achieved, it is easy to see that the Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s best work due to the games on the system and the system itself. I say “take out the nostalgia” because many people continue to say the Nintendo 64 is the best console. However, it falls flat. It lacks the 3rd party support the SNES had. It has one of the worst controllers ever. Lastly, it only had a few amazing 1st party exclusives. The SNES thrives in all of these areas, which is why I, along with most critics, consider it to be the best Nintendo console.
-Darcy Hebert


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