Old Time Gaming #2

Posted: 17/11/2011 in Uncategorized

Tally ho, readers, Legionaire the Gentleman Gamer here.
Welcome back to our weekly post, where I review and discuss an older game.
Today, I bring you: Unreal Tournament.

Released in 1999, it uses the Unreal Engine, which is now known as the engine that runs games from Gears of War to Mass Effect, to create a gory, fast action FPS experience. It mostly concentrates on multiplayer-only(which was popular at the time), with a small, arena-based campaign. It strongly affected the later FPS, drawing from its ideas and gameplay.

Unreal Tournament is based on quick action and lightning reflexes. With most maps being enclosed in small areas, the choice of weapons are perfect. It has only 11 weapons, but it only needs 11, as the weapons span almost every kind of weapon imaginable. Online is quick to set up, fun, and easy to get into. Despite being an older game, it can take an amazing amount of bots(which are also some of the best I’ve ever seen, with adjustable difficulties that make sense), depending on the hosting computer. I’ve managed to play with up to 300 bots on my rig, which can really make up for its languishing online community.

For its time, Unreal Tournament had great graphics. It has (especially for back then) gory deaths, with explosions leaving blood stains and gibs flying. Despite all this, the game really shows it’s age when put beside a modern game.

As the campaign was just created as an extended tutorial, it really has no story, which in this sort of game, doesn’t really matter.

Unreal Tournament has the most satisfying killing spree sounds in gaming. The infamous “M-M-M-MONSTER KILL” first appears in this game, along with perfect weapon sounds. Unreal Tournament also comes with “Unreal-Ed”, which allows users to create their own maps and mods, allowing for many varieties in gameplay.

This game, despite showing it’s age, shines through as a classical piece of FPS history. It deserves a nice, jolly, 8.5/10. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone looking for an easy, simple yet glorious fps experience, especially for lan parties.


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