Old Time Gaming #1

Posted: 09/11/2011 in Old Time Gaming

Salutations, readers. Legionaire the Gentleman Gamer here.
Let me introduce you to our brand new weekly post, Old Time Gaming, where I review and discuss an older game.
Today, I introduce to you: Warcraft II, Tides of Darkness.

Released in 1995 as a sequel to the hit game Warcraft I: Orcs and Humans, it gained large commercial success, selling over 2 million copies and winning several major PC awards, improving the industries view on the whole genre. Where earlier Real Time Strategy(RTS) games started, Warcraft expanded and became the basis for most RTS games afterward. It’s expansion also introduced Battlenet, now known for its widespread use in popular games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft I & II, and Warcraft III.

Warcraft II has smooth, quick gameplay, with hundreds of possible strategies to use. With an intuitive user interface, it makes it easy for even a new gamer to grasp the concepts and controls. It’s multiplayer soon became a staple in contests, before being drowned out by the massive success of Starcraft. Unfortunately, despite its usually climactic endings, it starts off pretty slow.

For it’s time, Warcraft has amazing graphics, a huge improvement from the first game. It takes 2D to a whole new level with expertly drawn models and incredibly detailed maps, that you can create with the map editor, which is one of the first officially released creation tools in gaming, inviting modders to create their own creations. The only flaw in its graphics are the sometimes clunky animations that fortunately don’t disrupt gameplay.

Warcraft II has a solid, engaging story, once again an improvement over the first, using short cinematics to explain the mission and in-game instructions to guide the rest of the way. In this title, it begins to really flesh out the amazing lore and back story of the Warcraft universe, one that is so gigantic and loved it has spawned almost 10 titles in its name, most famously the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Warcraft II has a rather spiffing soundtrack. It’s classic melodies will have your head bobbing and your mind set on winning, without distracting you. On another side, it also has a great sense of humor, with the characters reacting to too many clicks in different ways, and small Easter eggs.

I give this nostalgic monument a solid 8.5 out of 10. It’s tiny flaws are especially glaring after coming back from playing newer games, and with its multiplayer community almost gone, this relic of old times is only good for old school LAN parties and returns to old memories. However, I strongly recommend this to any old school gamer looking for a blast to the past.


-Legionaire, The Gentleman Gamer.


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